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Support for Mobile

The responsive layout allows the site to adapt to mobiles, allowing link generation on the fly.

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Top-Notch Coding

The Distribution Social framework provides a rich, easy to use interface.

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Loads of Features

Distribution Social has a vast assortment of major and minor features, to make customization easy.

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Distribution Social FeaturesDistribution Social provides the tools you need to monetize your social media with ease.

Increase Revenue and Conversions

Visitors interacting with typically convert at 3-5x higher rate. Word-of-mouth recommendation from visitors and shoppers helps acquire new customers and generates additional sales.

Acquire New Customers

New customer acquisition is an important initiative for every business. Distribution Social can help you acquire new customers through social channels.

Improve SEO Rank

Social signals are one of the key parameters used in personalizing these results. In fact, according to multiple research reports, social signals is now the #1 factor in determining SEO rank.

Facebook Fans

Acquiring Facebook fans, email subscribers and rich user profiles are important for every business. Lifetime value of a facebook fan is $136.


Email Subscribers

Creating a large email list is an important objective of any business. Users are given an option to subscribe to the newsletter.

Rich Facebook Profiles

Distribution Social can enable you to collect rich Facebook profiles that include name, email address, photo, birthday, gender, friend list, interests and relationship information.

Enable Word-of-mouth Recommendations

People trust messages from other users much more than they trust messages coming from a business.

Multiple Social Channels

Each interaction creates a word-of-mouth recommendation through Facebook, Twitter and 1-1 email. With Distribution Social, your users are promoting your business through multiple social channels.

Mobile ReadyThe responsive layout allows the site to adapt to mobile layout.


What Our Customers Said

  • Distribution Social enabled us to reach out to our customers, and encouraged them to build our brand while earning revenue. Linda Thomas
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